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Thermostat Options

Underfloor Heating Now, offer a wide range of thermostats that give complete choice of design, functionality and style.

Our range of options allows the user to set the appropriate temperature to suit their own comfort levels with each area of the property.

An Underfloor Heating Now system will also include a setback control within the thermostat; this facility will keep the property at a reduced temperature during off-peak period.

The benefits include: reduced heat-up and cool-down times, consistent temperatures within the property making for an ideal environment for antiques and furnishings.

The most effective way to use your thermostats is to first set them at 20 deg C, and check that the comfort level is right for you; if not make small adjustments. Once set this way, further alterations should not be needed.

Additional costs for all our options will be included in your quotation.

For more information regarding our thermostat options.

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