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CAD Design

At Underfloor Heating Now, we have our own in-house CAD Design team where we produce bespoke drawings for each individual project as a visual aid to assist you in planning your underfloor heating system while staying within the guidelines of your quote. This service ensures the performance of your underfloor heating system giving you complete peace of mind.

Included in this service are.

  • Plan view layout designs, showing the manifold position and how the pipe should be laid (for maximum effect) and to ensure you use the correct amount of pipe in each room and the route for all the feed pipes and optimum positions of Thermostats, Floor sensors etc.
  • Mechanical schematics showing the set up for your underfloor heating system with your existing or new components.
  • Electrical schematics (wiring diagrams) to help your electrician with the connectivity of your underfloor heating system to all electrical items in your design for optimum efficiency.

    One of the great advantages of having your own in house Design team is that there are often changes to be made to each project during the build stage, either by the Customer, Architect or the Builder. This in turn requires modifications to our design drawings which are given priority, so there are no delays in your project due to having to wait for these changes to be made.

    Once your drawings have been approved, your system will be ready for delivery. Should you require a copy of the drawings post build/install, there will be a final drawing of the project readily available in our drawings database.