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Ecoflex Pre-Insulated Pipe

Ecoflex is the proven name for an innovative, flexible, pre-insulated plastic piping system to transport a variety of liquids both inside and outside buildings.


The system also comprises a complete range of products for heating hot and cold water supplies. The system features robustness and flexibility, with a long service life, deservedly validated by numerous international certifications.
As the plastic materials used in the systems construction are corrosion-proof and resistant to deposit formation, the system represents a long term investment advantage both for the client and the environment.
Adaptability and compatibility of the system components minimise on-site installation times.


No special tools are needed and any necessary trenches can be both narrower and shallower - obvious time and cost savings. Pre-insulated plastic pipes (Ecoflex) will not oxidise and are manufactured with an oxygen diffusion barrier; medium pipes are made in cross linked polyethylene. An outer corrugated (PE-HD) sleeve combines high flexibility with stability and sturdiness through its installation in the ground.
The closed cell, crosslinked insulation layers control the temperature of liquids passing through the pipe and prevent dampness seeping into the insulation material.

Tailor-made lengths, delivered exactly when you need them


We offer a Pre-Insulated Pipe Cut to Measure Service, ideal if you need to have exact material specifications for your construction project as fixed lengths can save costs. No unnecessary time loss. No unnecessary waste. No unnecessary disposal costs. And what you order will be delivered as quickly as possible to where you need it. Also available are nine couplings, T-pieces, bends, chambers and wall sleeves etc. - everything you need to complete Pre-Insulated Pipe systems.


The advantages

Easy to handle low-weight and highly flexible, the pipe can be installed around any obstacle.

  • No special-purpose tools are needed for any phase of the assembly
  • No connections or compensators- just roll off the length of pipe you need!
  • Pipes can be cut to size as required and delivered direct to site - saving time and money!
  • Small trenches and quick, easy intergration and job progress is guaranteed

For more information regarding Ecoflex contact out sales team on 01202 894976

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Ecoflex Pipe Installation Technical Guide
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